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Distinguish Black Tea By Nose And Mouth



中国 Storage Of Pu'er Tea (2) メーカー


2021-04-10 15:56:06

3. Ventilation Pu'er tea also "breathes", and its transformation conditions require oxygen and moisture. If you store Pu'er tea at home, it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, because the oxygen in the circulating air is ben

中国 Storage Of Pu'er Tea (1) メーカー

PU \ er茶の保管(1)

2021-04-10 15:47:54


中国 357g Of Pu'er Tea Cake メーカー


2021-04-10 15:15:05

There are various shapes of pressed Pu'er tea on the market, including big cake, small cake, tuo-shaped, pumpkin-shaped, brick-shaped and so on. Yunnan Pu'er tea is a major specialty product in Yunnan and is loved by many people. 357 grams is r

中国 Black Tea Storage Method(2) メーカー


2021-03-24 14:24:33

4. Packing bag storage method: first wrap the tea leaves with clean and odor-free white paper, then wrap a piece of kraft paper, and then put it into a non-porous plastic food bag, gently squeeze it to squeeze out the air in the bag, Immediately tighten t

中国 Black Tea Storage Method(1) メーカー


2021-03-24 13:59:26

1. The storage method of iron cans: use the tinplate double-cover colored tea container available on the market. Before storage, check whether the can body and lid are airtight and not leaking. When storing, put the dry tea in cans, and the cans should be

中国 Distinguish Black Tea By Nose And Mouth メーカー

Distinguish Black Tea By Nose And Mouth

2021-02-25 15:31:20

That is, the human sense of smell is used to distinguish whether black tea has smoke, sour, stale, musty, sun-dried and other odors. The dry tea of high-quality black tea has a sweet fragrance, and will have a sweet and pleasant aroma after brewing, while

中国 Using Hands And Eyes To Distinguish Black Tea メーカー


2021-02-25 14:46:08

First, feel the weight, tightness and thickness of the black tea cords with your hands. The cords of high-quality black tea are relatively tight, and the one that is heavy is better, and the one that is rough and light is worse. The main purpose of touchi

中国 Famous Black Tea Varieties In The World(2) メーカー


2021-02-19 16:08:40

Ceylon Heights black tea is most famous for Uwo tea, which is produced on the east side of the mountainous area of Sri Lanka and is one of the four major black teas in the world. The east side of Sri Lanka’s mountainous area is full of clouds all ye

中国 Famous Black Tea Varieties In The World(1) メーカー


2021-02-19 15:50:58

Qimen black tea, or Qihong for short, is a treasure of traditional Chinese Kung Fu black tea. It is a famous tea in history. It was produced in the late 19th century and is one of the world’s three high-flavor teas. "Prince Tea" and other

中国 Black Tea From China To The World メーカー


2021-02-05 17:56:17

Lapsang Souchong black tea entered Europe in 1610. In 1662, when Princess Catherine of Portugal married King Charles II, her dowry contained boxes of Chinese Lapsang Souchong black tea. Since then, black tea was brought to the British court, and drinking

中国 Black Tea In China メーカー


2021-02-05 14:26:34

The originator of black tea is in China. The earliest black tea in the world was invented by tea farmers in the Wuyishan tea area in Fujian during the Ming Dynasty in China, and it was named " Lapsang souchong". The Jiang family in Tongmu Villag

中国 Light compensation all-weather withering technology メーカー


2020-12-20 23:33:58


中国 How to choose the location of tea factory? メーカー


2020-12-05 23:03:23


中国 How to choose the most suitable tea fixing machine? メーカー


2020-12-05 00:57:53

茶固着機の種類としては、ドラム固着機、蒸気加熱固着機、熱風固着機、蒸着固着機などがあります。以下の要因によって購入することができます。 (1) internaによる購入

中国 Why should we shake tea tea leaves during the production of oolong tea? メーカー


2020-11-16 22:00:34


中国 Is oolong tea a semi-fermented tea? How to process oolong tea? メーカー


2020-11-15 22:26:33


中国 Characteristics and types of black tea メーカー


2020-11-13 23:22:45


中国 What are the common failures of tea kneading machines? What are the reasons? How to solve them? メーカー


2020-11-11 22:04:59


中国 What's the best temperature and time for black tea fermentation? メーカー


2020-11-05 21:28:32


中国 China's tea exports in September 2020 amounted to 29,089 tons メーカー


2020-11-04 21:48:00


中国 What are the technical points of green tea "fixing" processing? メーカー


2020-11-02 22:37:29


中国 How to carry out "rolling" step in green tea processing? メーカー


2020-11-01 22:02:52


中国 How to "wither" fresh leaves before processing green tea? メーカー


2020-11-01 00:49:48


中国 How does the black tea withering process work? メーカー


2020-11-06 22:16:10



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Distinguish Black Tea By Nose And Mouth

2021-02-25 15:31:20

That is, the human sense of smell is used to distinguish whether black tea has smoke, sour, stale, musty, sun-dried and other odors. The dry tea of high-quality black tea has a sweet fragrance, and will have a sweet and pleasant aroma after brewing, while the inferior tea and inferior tea are not obvious or mixed with peculiar smell. In fact, during the processing of black tea, if the processing conditions (such as temperature, humidity, etc.) and processing techniques (such as withering, fermentation, etc.) are not properly controlled, or the finished product of black tea is stored improperly, some unfavorable odors will be produced. However, some unpleasant odors are low in content, and they are not easy to be detected when smelling dry tea. At this time, they must be distinguished by brewing. It is found that tea with sour, stale, and musty tastes is not too strong. Try to improve the quality after baking.

When the shape, dryness, color, aroma, etc. of dry tea meet the purchasing standards, you can take a few teas and put them in your mouth to chew for identification, and further understand the quality of the tea according to the taste. In addition, it can be evaluated by boiling soup. The taste of high-quality black tea is mainly sweet and mellow. Souchong black tea has a mellow and sweet taste. Gongfu black tea is mainly fresh, strong, mellow and refreshing. These characteristics are not obvious in the inferior tea, and the taste of inferior tea is strong and bitter, and even has peculiar smell.